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História – «Adelaide Tributa» - Adelaide Tributa 1866 - Deluxe Port Wine

Adelaide Tributa 1866 - Deluxe Port Wine

Adelaide Tributa - 186

History – «Adelaide Tributa»

This centenary Port wine was bottled in tribute to the bicentenary of the birth of our ancestor Antonia Adelaide.

For the great importance she had in the development of the traditional activity of the Ferreira family - production of Port wines; for the ethics she imposed on the corporate culture of the family; for being a role-model, and serving as an example to future generations, to the present day; for the love of the land and the wine, which still runs in our family; for the concern and aid to the region and all who surrounded her.

For all of this we decided to call this wine Adelaide "Tributa" (Latin for Tribute).

It is an extremely rare wine, produced in 1866, during the life of Dona Antonia, from pre-phylloxera vines whose grapes were trodden by foot .

This wine was discovered in a small Quinta located in Covelinhas, in a very cool warehouse, with ideal conditions for aging wines, kept in two casks of 550 liters; immediately upon 1st taste, we found that this was a unique Port wine, very dense, almost chewy, and simultaneously with complexity, harmony and freshness hardly comparable.

It is a wine very dark wine, amber in color, and with a Baume of 15°... resembling a pure essence.

According to the producer, these two barrels were the remains of an initial batch of the 5 barrels produced that year. Due to the sheer quality of the wine, and facing the inevitable evaporation over time, the family of the producer always took extreme care and attention, over several generations, never ' blending ' or diluting it with brandy (customary practices), and alternatively chose a process of concentration of what remained; this process eventually reduced the wine into 1,100 lts, stored in 2 casks of 550 lts, the contents of the initial 5 barrels.

This process, in a natural manner, and throughout time, concentrated, highlighted and made even more impressive the initial characteristics and qualities of the wine.

This is a wine for collectors seeking unique experiences.