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Comentário e Nota de prova by Rui Falcão - Adelaide Tributa 1866 - Deluxe Port Wine

Adelaide Tributa 1866 - Deluxe Port Wine

Adelaide Tributa - 186

Commentary and Tasting Notes by Rui Falcão

Porto Vallado Tributa – It is extremely rare to find a Port Wine which has been bottled after such a long period of ageing in wooden barrels. And yet it is even less common to find a wine that had the exceptional opportunity to rest and mature for more than a century in old wooden barrels enjoying the silence of a cool Douro cellar.

Only exceptional wines can thrive with the advance of age or even survive such a trial of time. And rare are the families that can preserve a wine so exceptional for four, five or six generations, nurturing and cherishing it over time, to receive its income only many decades later. Especially because old Port Wines will evaporate slowly over time, with the hardships of heat and moisture, accumulating dramatic losses for the one who keeps such a wine for more than a century. The extended maturation in wood in a continuously oxidizing environment favours the concentration of colour, a progressive darkening of the wine and the development of tertiary aromas, making the wines more unctuous and fat, whilst intensifying the aromatic exuberance and sweetness, requiring the acidity to be sufficiently electric and vehement to refresh and enliven the finish. Vallado Tributa is a wine where patience, more than a virtue, proved to be an absolute necessity, and where the words “freshness” and “acidity” are present right from the first moment.

Tasting notes – Very dark mahogany color. We are startled by an immediate freshness and tingle of the nose, the youthful and contagious enthusiasm of aromas, transmitting clear suggestions of coffee, vinaigrette, sea salt and iodine. The mouth confirms and reaffirms the tremendous freshness promised by the nose, revealing a touching youth. This exquisite youth is confirmed by the attack and overflow of energy that illuminate its musculature, ending with a pungent acidity that sweeps us to a crushing end. A youth so immense, and almost incompatible with its more than one hundred years of age.